Development Co-operation Project 348/2016
,,Strengthening the institutional and operational capacities of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine”
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Polish development cooperation programme

Information displayed below comes from resources of the Polish aid website of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Development cooperation denotes a concerted effort taken in partnership by developed and developing countries, international organizations and non-state institutions (including NGOs and businesses) to level out global development differences by raising living standards in less developed countries. Development cooperation aims to reduce and eradicate poverty around the world.

The primary objective of Poland's development cooperation is to create conditions for sustainable development of developing countries. This aim is pursued in particular by promoting and consolidating democracy and respect for human rights, helping create modern and efficient state institutions, promoting their sustainable social and economic development, undertaking actions which contribute to reducing poverty and improving the health condition of the population, as well as raising the level of education and professional qualifications of the population.

A distinctive characteristic of Poland’s approach to development is a deep conviction, stemming from the period of social and economic transformation, that development and creating a prosperous society are impossible without democratizing public life. Consequently, Poland’s development cooperation focuses, among others, on two priority areas of support: democracy and human rights, and good governance meaning in particular: regional development, enhancing the competences and capacities of public administration; reinforcing the rule of law and combating corruption; reinforcing the rule of law and combating corruption; access to reliable and objective information.

The Polish development cooperation is implemented on the basis of the Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme and developed annually Development Cooperation Plans for particular year*

As a result of the application process and in line with the decision of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the financing was awarded to the proposal, submitted by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, i.e. Development Co-operation Project  No 348/2016  “Strengthening the institutional and operational capacities of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine” within the Development cooperation plan for 2016.

* Detailed information on Poland's Development Co-operation Programme and associated programme documents are available on:

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